Testimonials at HeartHouse Life

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The following testimonials are a selection of those we have received from clients. For confidentiality reasons, we have edited the name and location details.

"Coaching from Mal has helped me retain focus through a number of challenges I have faced in attempting to get my own coaching business off the ground. Mal has helped me focus on what I have achieved and what I can do, rather than what I can't and has kept me positive when I have "wobbled". Looking back over our sessions, I have gained clarity, made steady progress and been supported very well. Mal is very supportive in his coaching style and has a wonderful way of making me feel good about myself and energises to do more. I'm sure I would have given up before now without his input."
Fiona - UK

"Before I had a coach in my life I knew, abstractly, what I wanted in my life. However that "I knew" was all very uncertain and I had lots of doubts. Once I started coaching sessions with Mal things started to make sense - and now my future is very clear for me. Now, its like I can look at options and evaluate them to help me choose what's best for me. As Mal said he would - he's teaching me to coach myself. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity, because in my opinion, all teenagers (maybe all people) should have coaching sessions to help them know themselves and help them make good futures for themselves. I think coaching is good in every single way, it makes us think and be thankful for what we have. Coaching has been awesome and has given me a view of what my most wanted future could be (if I want it and work for it) and has also helped me to see how to get that future. Coaching has also helped me to know me better, understand my personality and my likes and dislikes."
Guilherme - Portugal

"I just wanted to write you this message to tell you how much I appreciate the time you gave me in our recent coaching program together. As I write this I struggle to bring my feelings to paper as the words that flow from my fingers are not coming close to describe the sentiments I feel towards what role you played in my life in the recent months. As I look at the goal I was working on, and look at where I am now, I realise I would never have achieved that if it hadn't been for your generosity in the time you spent with me. When I came to you there was so much going on in my life (head) I needed figuring out. Despite being a high achiever, I was blocked about what I really wanted. Frustrated and scared to pursue ambitions and goals (as I had in the past) that would not fulfil me. I was in a very dark place and really needed someone who could give me the space to figure this all out. Being a very driven, action orientated person usually, it was frustrating for me not to be able to move forward with the block I was feeling but the sessions with you gave me the space to explore the block and start the process of breakthrough. Not only did you give me your time so generously but your sensitivity to my emotional state and tools & techniques helped sort through the overwhelm at that stage. You helped me talk through all the things going on, make sense of them, organise them in a way I could make decisions on them. You were incredibly supportive, kind, caring as well as practical and helpful. Now 3 months on, with the goal I was working on achieved, I feel energised & excited! Like I have a new lease of life (cliche but true). I know what I want and I know what is important to me and I know who I am and what I'm trying to create in my life... and I'm totally on track to achieve all those things that I now know I want my life to grow into. And it wouldn't have happened without your help. Appreciate you always."
Sabrina - UK

"I started being Mal's coaching client because I was looking for a way to motivate myself and set firm goals, since I am at a crucial stage of my life where I have to make the best decisions for myself and my future. Despite the short time spent with Mal, it has been valuable. I was given exercises and tasks to do that have enhanced my understanding of which are the best ways for me to learn, what type of person I am (both practically and personally), and for the first time in my life, I have mapped out, literally, a step-by-step order of how to achieve my ultimate goals in life, by using principles taught by Mal, such as, the SMART principle. I feel that I now have established goals and the necessary information and understanding to be able to pursue my goals. I am now leaving Portugal to continue my studies in London."
Mohamed - Portugal & UK

"I have gained a confidence and direction that I have been seeking for a long time. Working with Mal has helped me to see where I am now, where I was yesterday and where I want to go tomorrow. I am clearer in my life plans and have found an emotional well being and perspective that is helping me put everything into place."
Lucy - Australia

"When I first joined a local "placement" company as a client I spent some time with their Lead Advisor. I wasn't sure what career path to choose and therefore I was very uncertain with what degree to look for in the UK. I think this is very common within high-school students, especially in Portugal. Back then, the advisor helped me looking into different degrees and universities but it wasn't until I meet Mal Lugton, a qualified and certified coach, that I was certain on what direction to choose with my studies. Mal really helped me, through our coaching sessions, to understand myself and my objectives in life. This helped me not only getting to the UK, but also making sure I was on the right track and being confident with my own decisions. Most recently, getting close to graduating and having uncertainty around my career path I have resorted again to Mal, which over the years became a trusted support. Once again we worked together and I got great results with the goal mapping sessions."
Hugo - Portugal & UK