Self-Discovery at HeartHouse Life

the home of self-discovery and healing

Self-discovery can be achieved in a number of ways and using a number of approaches. We use (for ourselves and our clients) mindfulness and meditation techniques for both self-discovery and self-healing. It is our intention, once all of the materials are complete, to provide downloadable modules on both of these techniques as well as face-to-face individual and group sessions and workshops.

However usually, before we embark on the use of these techniques, we would suggest that a look at your existing situation / life choices in terms of "who am I? where am I now? what are my current values and beliefs? and what is limiting me?" is of some real value in helping both you and us find a suitable course content for (your) on-going journey into self-discovery.

This / these session(s) are not prescriptive, they are for you to develop a self-awareness and to help you determine the route / journey you may wish to take.

These are also the first steps we also apply to our coaching programs, as they help our clients to be able to know themselves better and to be able to choose objectives or goals that will resonate with their inner self.

Coaching is a very personal journey. Journeys are often similar in many ways, but also very personal for each individual. There are essentially two coaching options offered to our clients:

  • Personal Growth & Spiritual Development Coaching (for Individuals)
  • Classic "Goal Based" Personal Development Coaching (for individuals and teams).

  • No matter which option you decide to take, there is some overlap, so if you wish you can always change option or work with both (although not normally simultaneously) as suits your identified intentions. Ultimately, you are in full control of your future choices, your development program and your level of commitment.

    Both options (usually) also integrate Goal Mapping into their content. Mal is (currently) the only Certified Practitioner for Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping System ( based in Portugal.

    Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping System