Welcome to HeartHouse Life

the home of self-discovery and healing

Imagine waking each day to a situation where, no matter what, you are actually looking forward to being and doing what excites you. OK, so life is not always predictable and, yes, sometimes "issues" will arise. But you have a goal(s) and a direction in your life and every decision or action you take is one where you are continuing to move in your chosen direction.

So, how to get from where you are today to such a situation? Self Discovery is the way to a life of making conscious decisions, and gaining self-knowledge is an important step in this journey. This is where HeartHouse Life comes in.

HeartHouse Life was formed to bring together a number of skill sets and offerings that we have been providing for a number of years under other names and identities.

We fully believe in our "mission statement" that HeartHouse Life is The Home of Self Discovery & Healing and are looking forward to sharing, with you, what we have learned on our own journeys in a way that meets your needs and expectations.

The various tabs for this site provide information about what we offer to clients both face-to-face and via the Internet, be that to individuals or groups. We intend to make more offerings available as we get the opportunity to further develop our "services" and "products". So please, stay in touch and check our site to see what is happening at HeartHouse Life.

We are also happy to receive your e-mails with specific enquiries and comments.

Many thanks for visiting our site!!